Why rely on Encryption Tools? Things hackers can do – you have no idea:

Hacker is a terminology no longer restricted to a single entity or group. Today, this term is used to describe anyone who has illegal intentions of doing some damage to the other person, to the government and to the private sectors. It works individually as well as collectively where these hackers aren’t bound to be physically connected in order to communicate. The tools, gadgets etc. they have, there’s no stopping to what they can do while you sit, relax and idealize the gorgeous of a life you’re living. To know more about what threats do they possess against you, keep reading:Image result for Encryption

Access your camera:

While you are at your work station, at home or at a friend’s house, it is highly possible for you to be having a small portable camera near you. For example, you may have it in your laptop, cellphone, CCTV etc. know that you and your activities that you do privately can be monitored, observed and recorded all at the same time. Later on, you find out someone reaching out to you by blackmailing you with the help of those recordings. Even the great ‘mark Zuckerberg’ keeps his device’s camera hidden with a tape (while not in use). Hence, you can prevent yourself this way too.

Free cash:

ATM machines are small, readily available and do not really have much of a security around. A hacker if not being monitored can easily come into the ATM on a rainy day, insert their tool(s) in the ATM, do the magic with numbers and leave with the money in not more than a minute. But this was a machine that was deemed to be ‘safe’ but isn’t safe anymore.

Online bank accounts/funds transfer:

You also have online bank accounts and while making those funds transfer(s), make sure all other tabs are closed as there is a high chance of you surfing useless sites and a single wrong click could redirect you to page, which wasn’t safe. Doing so gives an open invitation to the hackers to do whatever they want to. Therefore, while using your online account, close all other tabs just to be on the safer side.

Traffic lights:

Like it or not, but you know this is possible. Hundreds of movies have shown this tactic being used so commonly that most of us has lost the threshold for it. But we forget the dangers that evolve around it. A single human being having a laptop, an internet device and some juice in the battery can trap and jam the entire road within seconds.

Freeing the culprits:

Another common aspect of hackers is their ability to the control department of a given jail and can easily open and close the gates initially giving the freedom to those, who do not deserve it. Movies however shows it’s the good guy who is leaving the jail but in real life, only the bad guys go to jail who shouldn’t leave without ‘prior permission’.

What can you do?

The examples posted above are quite real and happening in our modern world. The technology has given all of us the freedom to practice whatever we desire but only some people use it for the negative purposes. The only way you could threat them hackers is by hiding behind the security tools and other means. For example, encryption software possessing the standards of AES-256 is still one the best types of boundaries that (so far) hasn’t been breached. Although it’s only a matter of time we would be seeing some tools coming up against such protection but at the moment, using encryption in your cell phones, desktops, etc. is the only way to redeem control over your camera, files, photos, digital currency and more.